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  • What materials can Logo Label print on?
    Foils, papers, clear films, plastic, vinyl and wine stocks
  • What kind of finish is available from Logo Label Printing?
    Matte, Gloss, Hi-Gloss and Laminate
  • Payment Process?
    Logo Label Printing accepts: • ACH Checks • Credit Cards • Net 30 terms
  • How are pre-press proofs provided?
    There are two methods that can be provided. The first and provided at no charge to the client is a pdf proof and sign off sheet. These proofs are not to be used for color confirmation as every video monitor will present colors slightly differently. These proofs are used for content position, text accuracy, spelling and grammar. The second method is a “press proof”. This is a physical proof of your art file printed on our equipment and the material that you selected. A press proof is essential if we are printing a label that may have been previously printed by another company on other printing systems. No two presses, even if they are manufactured by the same company, will print colors exactly the same. Many factors, including humidity, temperature, material manufacturer, and many, many more, will effect color. There is normally a cost associated with press proofs as the press has to be completely set up to print just a few feet of material. Setting up a file for printing is a time and material consuming process.
  • What does "bleed" mean?
    When a label is designed with graphics going all the way to the edge, it is necessary to add “bleed” which takes the graphics beyond the cut line of the die. We require a bleed of 1/16th” on each side of the label. In the case of round labels it would mean that the bleed needs to be 1/8th” larger then the actual finished label size. So the art files that are supplied to us should always be larger then the finished label size by 1/8th”. e.g.: A label that is supposed to be 2.5″H x 6.5″W will have art work that is 2.625×6.625 inches.
  • What does "rewind direction" mean?
    Rewind direction refers to the way the orientation of the graphics on the material and the way that the printed labels are positioned on the roll. There are 8 rewind positions and which one to use is determined by the type of labeling equipment that is being used to apply the label to the container. Please refer to the information provided by either your contract labeling company or the manufacturer of the equipment to provide this information.
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