At Logo Label Printing we don’t believe in offering an impersonal on-line pricing tool. That’s because we want to establish that personal contact with our clients from the start. Every client is matched up to one of our in-house graphics and pre-press designers. This designer becomes the account manager for the client so that if there are any changes to be made, new designs to create, or problems to solve, the client works with just one contact. There is no run-around or wasted time at Logo Label Printing.

We discuss the label application. The differences between the materials. The advantage of a shape or size or material, one over the other. Which press to use as there is a price differential between the different printing systems. Finish. Roll sizes. And so much more.

When we are done discussing a job with our clients, we want them to be absolutely comfortable with the fact that they are dealing with printing experts. Our goal is not to just print labels for our clients, we want to be their printing partner. Because our success in providing you with the highest quality labels will directly impact your success in selling product and thereby we are joined in our efforts.

Pricing a label is much more then just identifying a shape and material.

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