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If not, please do not hesitate to call us. Yes call us. At Logo Label a human will always answer the phone, and a label specialist will always be available to speak with you. A real conversation can answer far more questions then any email.

How are pre-press proofs provided?

There are two methods that can be provided. The first and provided at no charge to the client is a pdf proof and sign off sheet. These proofs are not to be used for color confirmation as every video monitor will present colors slightly differently. These proofs are used for content position, text accuracy, spelling and grammar. The second method is a “press proof”. This is a physical proof of your art file printed on our equipment and the material that you selected. A press proof is essential if we are printing a label that may have been previously printed by another company on other printing systems. No two presses, even if they are manufactured by the same company, will print colors exactly the same. Many factors, including humidity, temperature, material manufacturer, and many, many more, will effect color. There is normally a cost associated with press proofs as the press has to be completely set up to print just a few feet of material. Setting up a file for printing is a time and material consuming process.

What does “bleed” mean?

When a label is designed with graphics going all the way to the edge, it is necessary to add “bleed” which takes the graphics beyond the cut line of the die. We require a bleed of 1/16th” on each side of the label. In the case of round labels it would mean that the bleed needs to be 1/8th” larger then the actual finished label size. So the art files that are supplied to us should always be larger then the finished label size by 1/8th”. e.g.: A label that is supposed to be 2.5″H x 6.5″W will have art work that is 2.625×6.625 inches.

Payments process.

Logo Label accepts all major credit cards for payments. Once an account is well established, we will offer payment terms.

What kind of finish is available from Logo Label?

Logo Label will provide labels either with no laminate or with a hi gloss or matte laminate. When we first started the company we decided that for the health benefit of our employees, we would not provide varnish finishes to our labels. Varnish is an environmental hazardous material that also gives off strong odors. Laminate provides an extremely durable finish to the labels, and it is a clean process.

How are the final labels supplied?

Logo Label only provides labels that are on rolls that are wound on a 3″ core. Roll diameter is specified by the client based on labeling equipment requirements.

What materials can Logo Label print on?

Logo Label offers an extensive assortment of materials that it can print on including foils, papers, plastic, vinyl, wine stocks, and clear materials. We have sample packs of labels printed on each of these materials and invite you to contact us for a package so that you can feel and see the difference between each of these. But once again, the best thing to do is allow us to print one of your art files on the material that you desire to see what your labels would look like.

What does “Rewind Direction” mean?

Rewind direction refers to the way the orientation of the graphics on the material and the way that the printed labels are positioned on the roll. There are 8 rewind positions and which one to use is determined by the type of labeling equipment that is being used to apply the label to the container. Please refer to the information provided by either your contract labeling company or the manufacturer of the equipment to provide this information.

What is the best format to send an art file in?

Please refer to our “Art Requirements” page for this answer.

What is the best way to send in an art file?

Many art files can be sent as attachments to your emails based on the capabilities of your outgoing email server. However, should your file be too large to be sent as an attachment, we have a website that is similar to an ftp, but we have found it to be much more secure so that only you and we can access your folder. We can also receive files by any other of the many transfer programs on the internet.

The Digital Advantage

New Technology has changed your options.

It’s a revolution for the printing business! High end digital printers are now available to print with the same or better quality as traditional presses. That means short runs are no longer outrageously priced, long production times have disappeared, and customers don’t have to be satisfied with marginal quality when they need to print variable information.

This new generation of digital printers gives you:

Unlimited flexibility– sizes, shapes, colors, information, inks, and stocks. Whatever you design, we can print.
Short runs without the burden of plate charges, set-up fees, or pre-press charges. Whether it’s one label or 100,000 labels. Logo Label offers pricing that is competitive with offset or flexo.
Variable data, whether it’s a number, a bar code, or an image. Variable data is fast and easy with our digital printing systems.
Faster turnaround:your labels are ready in an average of 5-7 business days, not 3-6 weeks.
Brilliant quality – crisp images in rich, bright color at 800 dpi. It’s better than most traditional presses!

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