State of the Art Technology Gives Our Clients Options

Logo Label Printing offers it’s clients the option of two digital printing technologies. Each delivers high quality printing but at different cost levels. Our first system is the Mouvent Ink Jet system. Ink jet technology makes economic sense for printing short jobs or as large as 50,000 labels and beyond. With a printing speed of about 75fpm, this press will make short work of labels up to 5.5″ high. This press will print on several  substrates including vinyl, PVC, and clear materials. However, due to the lower costs associated with the inks and materials, we can offer better pricing when printing with this press.

For large quantity and for printing specialty two-sided clear labels, and other specialty materials such as metallic substrates, estates, BOPP, etc., we offer the HP Indigo 6R. HP Indigo’s superior liquid ElectroInk technology is the only color process in digital printing that matches gravure quality. ElectroInk provides the widest digital color gamut using up to 7 ink stations on press. With high resolution printing and perfect registration, the press can produce eye-catching, distinctive labels. Our manufacturer-trained production specialists  ensure our products uphold Hewlett Packard’s high quality standards.

We’re proud to print with:

  • Very high resolutions: up to 230 line screen/850 dpi!
  • Large format capabilities: up to 12″ x 38″
  • Wide variety of substrates ranging from paper, wine stocks, specialty stocks, and foil materials.
  • Finishing is also available with a variety of laminates and die sizes and shapes.

Your labels will never look better!

Our in-line Rotoflex Rotary die cutter can laminate, under score, die-cut, strip, slit and roll your labels in a single pass with top speeds of 300 feet per minute.

Outstanding customer service from the exceptionally trained staff at Logo Label Printing makes our customers come back again and again.


The Digital Advantage

New Technology has changed your options.

It’s a revolution for the printing business! High end digital printers are now available to print with the same or better quality as traditional presses. That means short runs are no longer outrageously priced, long production times have disappeared, and customers don’t have to be satisfied with marginal quality when they need to print variable information.

This new generation of digital printers gives you:

  • Unlimited flexibility: sizes, shapes, colors, information, inks, and stocks. Whatever you design, we can print.
  • Short runs: without the burden of plate charges, set-up fees, or pre-press charges. Whether it’s one label or 100,000 labels. Logo Label offers pricing that is competitive with offset or flexo.
  • Variable data: whether it’s a number, a bar code, or an image. Variable data is fast and easy with our digital printing systems.
  • Faster turnaround:your labels are ready in an average of 5-7 business days, not 3-6 weeks.
  • Brilliant quality: crisp images in rich, bright color at 800 dpi. It’s better than most traditional presses!

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