Each of our digital presses, the Jetrion, Xeikon, or Indigo presses have the ability of printing on clear material, and each have the ability of laying down a white layer of ink to improve the opacity of the colors that are being printed. Clear labels are an economical alternative to silk screening directly on glass or plastic containers. When done correctly, a clear label that is applied to the container will essentially disappear leaving only the printed graphics. So rather then spending a fortune on inventory of screened containers, clients can now purchase just what they need on an ongoing basis for far less cost.

Our HP Indigo 4600 digital press has the unique capability of printing “sandwich” labels. This technique is used with clear materials (also called substrates) to print a reversed image, a white layer of ink, and finally the outside image on top. This creates a label which seems to be printed on both the inside and the outside of the material. The end result is a label that has artwork on the inside that can be seen from one side of the bottle and when viewed from the other side, the image would be covered with text or another image. In the image below, the brand name is on the front while the image of the wolf is viewed through the bottle.


The Digital Advantage

New Technology has changed your options.

It’s a revolution for the printing business! High end digital printers are now available to print with the same or better quality as traditional presses. That means short runs are no longer outrageously priced, long production times have disappeared, and customers don’t have to be satisfied with marginal quality when they need to print variable information.

This new generation of digital printers gives you:

  • Unlimited flexibility– sizes, shapes, colors, information, inks, and stocks. Whatever you design, we can print.
  • Short runs without the burden of plate charges, set-up fees, or pre-press charges. Whether it’s one label or 100,000 labels. Logo Label offers pricing that is competitive with offset or flexo.
  • Variable data, whether it’s a number, a bar code, or an image. Variable data is fast and easy with our digital printing systems.
  • Faster turnaround:your labels are ready in an average of 5-7 business days, not 3-6 weeks.
  • Brilliant quality – crisp images in rich, bright color at 800 dpi. It’s better than most traditional presses!

Who else is getting cost and time savings?

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