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New Technology has changed your options.
It’s a revolution for the printing business!  High end digital printers are now available to print with the same or better quality as traditional presses.   That means short runs are no longer outrageously priced, long production times have disappeared, and customers don’t have to be satisfied with marginal quality when they need to print variable information.

This new generation of digital printers gives you:
Unlimited flexibility – sizes, shapes, colors, information, inks, and stocks.  Whatever you design, we can print.       
Short runs without the burden of minimum quantities. No more 100,000 minimums . . . now it’s only 250.  And those short runs are our specialty.  We can even include variable information on your label.
Savings of $350-$700 per label run, since we no longer need to create plates.
Faster turnaround: your labels are ready in an average of 5-7 business days, not 3-6 weeks.
Brilliant quality – crisp images in rich, bright color at 800 dpi.  It’s better than most traditional presses!

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There are cost and time advantages for almost everyone who switches from traditional presses to digital printing.  If your business could benefit from shorter turnaround times, flexible artwork and copy for different products, improved print reproduction, and lower costs per label, you should consider taking advantage of this technology and our expertise. We are already working with companies using:

• Water and wine bottles for small to medium wineries/bottlers
• Custom labeled water and wine bottles
• Equipment labels
• Specialty and custom sauce bottles
• Bar Codes
• Bumper Stickers
• Any size/shape box or package
. . .and more!

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