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Delivering the best in customer service and the latest in label printing technology.

The Digital Advantage

New Technology has changed your options.

It’s a revolution for the printing business! High end digital printers are now available to print with the same or better quality as traditional presses. Finally short runs are no longer outrageously priced, in addition long production times have disappeared, and customers don’t have to be satisfied with marginal quality when they need to print variable information.

This new generation of digital printers gives you:

  • Unlimited flexibility: sizes, shapes, colors, information, inks, and stocks. Whatever you design, we can print.
  • Short runs: without the burden of plate charges, set-up fees, or pre-press charges. Whether it’s one label or 100,000 labels. Logo Label offers pricing that is competitive with offset or flexo.
  • Variable data: whether it’s a number, a bar code, or an image. Variable data is fast and easy with our digital printing systems.
  • Faster turnaround:your labels are ready in an average of 5-7 business days, not 3-6 weeks.
  • Brilliant quality: crisp images in rich, bright color at 800 dpi. It’s better than most traditional presses!

Who Uses Digital Printing?

We service clients big and small, from start-up to multi-nationals.

There are cost and time advantages for almost everyone who switches from traditional presses to digital printing. With digital printing, plate costs, pre-press charges, art fees, and long wait times are eliminated. If your business could benefit from shorter turnaround times, flexible artwork and copy for different products, improved print reproduction, and lower costs per label, you should consider taking advantage of this technology and our expertise.

Logo Label serves the following:

  • Beauty Industry
  • Candy Industry
  • Coffee Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Home GoodProducts
  • Neutraceutical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Wine, Beer and Spirits Industry
  • Water Industry

Thank you for all the work you did on the HRW Labels. I saw the final sample labels this past weekend and they were just beautiful! The foil finish makes the colors (which are spot on matches to the PMS colors in my files) really pop! My client’s words were “absolutely spectacular…just breathtaking.”

It was a pleasure working with you and everyone at <> . Your service was equally as outstanding as your printing quality!

Thanks again! I look forward to sending more orders your way!

Sharon S.

Just started using them (Logo Label keg collars) a great time saver.

Thank you

A huge thank you for your time, help, support and donation. We truly couldn’t do this without you!! Hope you have a great day!
Amanda Landrum

I’ve been meaning to email–the labels look fantastic! I really,

really appreciate the fast turnaround and awesome customer service.

You guys are great!  Thanks again.


Just wanted to say thank you so much for the stellar job on the new labels. Thank you for stellar professional work and fast printing. I have some  beautiful labels and I hope to sell this amount per month:))

Thank you thank you!


Thank you for this. We really appreciate the support.
We did a limited run of for the holidays and sold all 50 boxes in three days. You are helping to build a home for people in Durham. We can’t say thank you enough and hope you will share this with the others at Logo Label. Happy Holidays.
Seth Gross
Grandé Burger Flipper & Beer Tester

Dear Logo Label staff:

According to our records you have made 8 shipments(s) on 1 part(s) to us during the past 12 months.  The shipment(s) averaged 0.00 day(s) Late as compared to the requested date(s).

There were 0 non-conformances during the last 12 months.

We appreciate your performance and look forward to a continuing relationship.

Sorry to email you on the weekend, but I just received the labels, and they are absolutely perfect:)

Thank you for putting so much effort into making this work for me, when you most certainly didn’t have to.

I’m looking forward to placing our next order!

April Wachtel

I wanted to take the time to reach out to you and let you know what a fabulous job your company does for Sensational Sweets / Creative Cookie, etc.
I work with a lot of vendors – never have I worked with anyone like Brooke.  She consistently goes above and beyond for us at SS.
I am sure you already know what a fabulous staff you have – I just wanted to personally let you know how incredible they are.

Have a great day,
Tricia Litterer
Office Manager
Sensational Sweets / Creative Cookie, etc

The labels look fantastic. I want to thank you and everyone at Logo Label for the hard work, quick turn around and professional job. I really appreciate your support to the community. Please pass this on to the other people at Logo Label so they know we are sincerely appreciative.

Seth Gross

I can’t thank you enough for going out of your way to print our labels for us. We will never forget your great customer service. Now we don’t have to hand label all those cases of wine. Everything worked great.
Thanks again,
Flint Hill

Thank YOU! Mike and I were talking today at lunch about how lucky we are to have a resource like your firm in town. Where else could we sit down with key personnel and run multiple iterations of our new label and work hand-in-hand with you to perfect it? It’s a way of doing business that unfortunately is rare in our country. To find the owner working on the line to make a customer’s job perfect is really impressive. You are the real deal and we’re lucky to have you. I look forward to finalizing the new label and starting a new chapter of growth with your beautifully printed labels on our proud product.

Thanks again for being exceptional.

Thank you and everyone there for the quick turnaround on my p.o. 105001 for the CRV labels. I truly appreciate what you guys do for us every time I ask you.


Thank you!!! We absolutely love the labels…we’ll make sure to pass your name on.

Heidi and Evan

The quality of labels you provide for the price + mix and max minimums + your willingness to ship in flat-rate boxes to Hawaii is an eagerly needed service to the many business-owners we communicate with every day!

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